BioChef Living Blender

BioChef Living Blender

Sometimes it takes great technology to bring us back to nature

The BioChef Living Food Processor is at the forefront of blending technology; so powerful that it satisfies the most sophisticated smoothie maker in the strength required to cut raw vegetables, seeds and skin, With latest cutting edge microprocessor technologies, touch LCD screen and EPT™ Enzyme Protection technology in the tamper which measures heat inside the blender while in operation to protect natural goodness.

The microprocessor-controlled motor detects changes in resistance and alters the blade revolution accordingly in an intelligent design to protect the motor and conserve energy.

The Touch LED user interface control panel has three pre-set programs of blending, resting, pulsing times and sequences for different recipes and uses as well as manually adjustable speed controls.

Make hot soups in 3 to 6 minutes, complete fibre juices, fast and nutritious homemade icecreams in seconds, grind coffee, grains and nuts, or prepare hot or cold sauces and condiments easily.

BioChef Living Food Blender Features

  • Revolutionary LED Touch Panel Technology
  • 1680 watt 2 peak horsepower commercial grade motor
  • European ergonomic design
  • Touch control with 3 pre-set functions for performing specialised tasks
  • EPT™ (Enzyme Protection Technology) with LED thermometer on tamper
  • Japanese precision Stainless Steel blades
  • 2 Litre BPA Free Tritan™ Jug for wet and dry applications
  • Automatic Micro Safety Switch
  • Energy saving mode

BioChef Living Blender Specifications

  • Colours available: white, red, black
  • 10 year on motor, 7 years on parts, I year commercial use
  • Weight: 5.87kg
  • Dimensions: 52.5cm H x 24.6cm W x 27.5cm D
  • Optional extras: Additional smaller wet / dry Tritan™ Jug

Consumer value:

  • Priceless

Thank you for the comment posted to Facebook on 28 Sept 2014 by C.L.Spear from Canberra

"We just bought your newest Bio Chef Living Food Blender! Awesome product! Once my husband saw your newest model "Living Food Blender" and carefully inspected it (and compared it to the other top blenders) he said we have to get your LFB! He is an aircraft engineer so the build quality, function and design are of major importance to him. He was so impressed with its top quality components, its very intelligent design, awesome power and smart looking profile (he calls it the Mac of blenders!), he called it the "next generation blender". So well done on a great product. We also noticed how quiet it is for such a powerful motor. The temp sensor is a smart feature, too. Thanks, too, for the inspiring Cd "Hungry for Change" and cook book. Well done on this amazing product!"


Powerful 2 Peak Output Horsepower Motor propels the blade tip speed up to 32 000 RPM to unlock and blend even the toughest ingredients to make them of optimum bioavailability to our bodies.

Revolutionary LED Touch and Swipe Panel Technology Interface for user centred ease of operation with pre-programmed time, speed and pulse combinations for different recipes and functions, with clean lines and no hidden surfaces for enhanced hygiene and easy cleaning.

EPT™ (Enzyme Protection Technology) LCD temperature gauge display on tamper to measure temperature inside the blender while in operation to prevent burning vital nutrients and enzymes from your food.

Japanese precision Stainless Steel blades to unlock valuable nutrients from wholefoods contained in the skin, seeds and pulp to make phytonutrients more bio-available to you.

Unique Tamper tool allows for processing thick, dense ingredients and prevents air pockets from forming.

2 litre BPA Free Tritan Jug - free of harmful plastics, lightweight, virtually unbreakable with measurement guide and shaped to create vortex for fast and complete processing.

60 ml Measuring Cup / Lid Plug for precision measuring and convenience during operation.

Automatic Safety Switch so blender will only operate when the jug safety switch is activated. Power Cord wraps securely around the feet and clips under the base for easy storage.